About me

Hi! I’m Abigail, I write under the pen name Kaylee Harrison, since Abigail is a pretty popular name.
I’m a writer, blogger, bookworm, and digital designer.
I’m a Christian homeschooler.
I have One Amazing Savior, Two great parents, Three Brothers, Four Sisters,

Some of my favorite things to do are read, write, sew, knit, make cards, bake or cook, photography and wood carving.
I love learning new languages, I know a good bit of Dutch, and German, and  I am learning Latin and more languages.
My favorite music groups to listen to are Rend Collective, Crowder, I am They, and Selah,
My favorite shows to watch are Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, I Love Lucy, When Calls The Heart, Bringing Up Bates, and a few more.
My favorite movies to watch are Pride and Prejudice, National Treasure, The Sound Of Music and some more, but not many.
My top favorite books are… so… many… to… choose… ok… so… umm…  I love The Baker Family Adventures, Aggie’s Inheritance, Past Forward, The Agency Files, The Blades of Acktar, A Different Kind of Courage, The Ilyon Chronicles, The Comrades of Honor, and many many more.

You will find me here:






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