Behind the Scenes

Behind the ScenesMission: Peace Protection


~Bellatrix Palace, 2016 March 17th, 1300 hrs.~

Standing in the royal cemetery of Bellatrix, King Levi pushed back tears as he thought of his second oldest son who was now being laid in his last resting place and he scrutinized the men who were lowering his son’s casket softly into the grave.
How had it ended like this? King Levi looked up upon hearing his wife come to his side; he forced a small smile even as his heart clenched at the broken look in her eyes.
“The children are going home with Liam and Dawn. They thought we might like some time alone.” She whispered, clinging to him, “I told them we would be home later.” Looking down at the now covered grave, she sobbed, “I can’t believe that he’s gone. I worry about Nicholas: he feels so guilty, so responsible for what happened to Michael … like it was his fault that Michael was killed by that shot. And poor Olivia, sh-she was so-o h-app-y wi-th…” Allie buried her head in King Levi’s left shoulder.
“I know, Love. I want to go back and never send Carbin to prison.” King Levi put his hand over his mouth trying to cover the tears in his voice. “I am proud of the choice Michael made, I just wish that his decision didn’t take him from us, yet he’s the son who was ripped from his parents, instead of countless sons and daughters being ripped from their parent’s lives. To think it was only a few months ago that he brought Olivia to meet us, yet it feels like years ago.”


Mission: Peace Protection: A Few Characters.


*Walks into the king’s office that he has kindly let us use for this little meeting/interview.*

*(First, you should know that Michael has black hair and ice blue eyes. He’s a little taller than most, and average weight.)*

Turning to Michael, I ask him to introduce himself, “Hello, I’m Prince Michael, second son of King Levi the second and Queen Alexandra, I have a job in the military although only a few people know that! I’ve just met the most amazing girl who I hope to get to know better!”

*(He has blond hair, grey eyes, about an inch shorter than his brother, and skinny.)*

*Laughing I turn to Nicholas nodding for him to introduce himself,* “Hiya! I’m Nicholas, (my author demands that I say this even if it’s known by all!) *eye roll* third son of King Levi and Queen Alexandra, ruler of Bellatrix, my twin brother and I are partners in the Underground (don’t tell anyone, my brother will have my head! Literally!). I look nothing like Mickey, even though we are twins.”

*(Nathaniel has dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, normal height, and weight.)*

*Sighing at his not cooperating with me it has gotten worse since I wrote the last chapter, and he still hasn’t recovered! I take a seat across from Nathaniel nodded to him,* “Good Day! I be Prince Nathaniel, fifth child of The King and Queen of Bellatrix, I be apprenticing under a team of the alike of my brothers. Tis’ not as easy to be royal as furthermost would presume it to be! Often times I wish that we remained not so observed by the country of our rule!

*(She blonde hair, and bluish grey eyes, she’s shorter and average weight.)*

*I smile and twist around to Olivia,* “Hi, I’m Olivia, I don’t like talking to people I don’t know but Michael said I can do this, I’m the sister of Oliver, the princes’ commander, and Oliver is normally right I’m not so sure right now though… Oliver and I are close even though we aren’t that close in age! I’m a Christian girl who loves helping others, and I hope to work at the Bellatrix Cafe soon!”

*(Oliver has blonde hair, and blue eyes, and is average height and weight.)*

*Oliver seeing me look at him, he softly said,* “Hello there! I am Captain Noland, son of Duke Noland of Nobilis, I run a division of the Bellatrix Underground, I am commander of the second and third princes, and that can be trying! I love my little sister and would do anything for her!”