Designs and Character Sketches

Fully developed character, three favorite thing prompts, two random writing prompts and a twenty question character interview.

For custom character sketches, I need to know…
The genre of your story,
The gender of the character,
The heritage of your character,
The era of your story,
Any other pertinent information you desire,

Custom Character Sketches

Characters are $49.95

Character Couples are $59.95


Coming Soon!

you can order premade character sketches
Premade character sketches coming
September 30th!

Graphic Designs


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If you are interested in buying a cover. Just send me the name and type of cover you want, I am willing to do two changes free of charge, more than two changes will be $3.50 each. If you would like to ask about a custom cover please email me.

I have the right to turn down any order I don’t feel comfortable doing, or don’t feel I have the skill set required to make your cover.
Pricing is similar to ready-made covers.
Paperback covers include front, back, and spine covers. It is $25 for eBook covers and $85 for Paperback covers. Unless otherwise noted.
At the moment all covers are eBook only.

Writing Collages


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For a book, or character are $5 to $10 for one.